Bare Booklets Spiral Bound Mixed Media Album 6″X9″Wonky Windows

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  • Bare Booklets Spiral Bound Mixed Media Album 6″X9″ Wonky Windows
  • Each album in the Bare Booklet line is filled with a combination of chipboard; cardboard; paper; fabric and/or acrylic pages that are completely blank and alterable.
  • Let the paper artisan inside you shine as you embellish them with papers; inks; stains; paints; stamps; beads and more.
  • They can also be ripped and distressed for a vintage look.
  • The finished effect is determined by your own creativity.
  • Package contains: One (1) Wonky Windows Album
  • Spiral-bound with seven various shaped pages made from a variety of materials
  • There are a total of four thin chipboard pages; one cardboard page; one canvas page; and one clear flexible acrylic page
  • Overall dimensions are 6 inches high x 9-3/4 inches wideAll embellishments sold separately

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