Golden Fluid Acrylics – Manganese Blue Hue

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  • Golden Fluid Acrylics – Manganese Blue Hue
  • Fluid Acrylics are highly intense, permanent acrylic colors with a consistency similar to heavy cream.
  • Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies.
  • No fillers or extenders are added and the pigment load is comparable to GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics.
  • Unlike mixtures of heavy-bodied paints and water which produce weak color and films by dilution, Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle.
  • The result offers fine dispersion, high tinting strength, durability, flexibility and good adhesion.
  • Fluid Acrylics are ideal for spraying, brushing, staining, and can be mixed with other GOLDEN Products.
  • Blend with Airbrush Medium for spray application.
  • Excellent for fabric application.

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