Montana Acrylic Paint Refill 25ml – Shock Black

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    • Montana Acrylic Paint Refill 25ml – Shock Black
    • The ACRYLIC PAINT Refill bottles are the same high quality water-based paint that are nontoxic, ACMI approved and wearing the AP mark.
    • Not only perfect for refilling your Montana ACRYLIC Markers, the Montana ACRYLIC COLORS also offer a wide variety of possible application techniques such as air brushing, mixed media, brush application and of course can be combined with the corresponding color from the Montana GOLD spray paint range.
    • Able to be applied on to almost all surfaces such as canvas, wood, glass, walls and metal. The bottles are transparent for easy assesment of remaining content.
    • Perfect to use for airbrush! Use in Combination with Montana ACRYLIC Empty Markers Extra Fine (0,7mm), FINE (2mm), 15mm, 30mm and 50mm broad.
    • Solvent free. Dilutable with water.
    • High Covering and quick drying.

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