Zig Letter Pen Cocoiro Body -Hoarfrost White (Glittery)

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  • Zig Letter Pen Cocoiro Body -Hoarfrost White (Glittery)
  • This is a pen body only.
  • The pen tip and ink are not included, and can be found under Recommended Refills/Parts.
  • The CocoIro letter pen has a flexible tip that is different from ordinary felt or ball point pens.
  • You can write beautiful Japanese/Chinese/English letters depending on the writing pressure or writing speed.
  • This stylish pen is perfect for individuals who value their handwriting or writers who like to use their favorite pen for a long time.
  • You can mix and match bodies and refills.
  • More than ten soft colors are available for the pen body.
  • The body has a smooth streamlined shape and a soft surface.
  • The water soluble dye ink refills are available in multiple ink colors including chic shades like blood red and sepia.

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