MSA Matte (w/ULVS) – 8oz


  • MSA Matte (w/ULVS) – 8oz
  • Matting Agent: Amorphous Silica
  • Refractive Index: Using Reichert Abbe Mark 2 Refractometer at 22oC = 1.48
  • Removability: MSA Varnish is removable with mineral spirits, turpentine or higher boiling point petroleum distillates.
  • Resin: Solution of isobutyl and n-butyl methacrylate. Thermoplastic.
  • Solids: 33%
  • Solvent: Supplied solubilized in Mineral Spirits.
  • Specular Gloss: (75 o geometry) as supplied- “Gloss” 95, “Satin” 35, “Matte” 8. Thinning of varnish and absorbent substrate will decrease the sheen.

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