Perpetua Graphite Pencil – Red

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  • Perpetua Graphite Pencil – Red
  • Perpetua’s innovative process uses tons of graphite powder, a waste product of industrial production otherwise destined to be used in landfills, to produce an eco-friendly product
  • While writing with the Perpetua, you are disposing of 15 grams of graphite
  • There is no wood used in the Perpetua, eliminating the need to cut down trees
  • Perpetua is not only a new style of writing but also a way to respect the planet
  • Food-grade eraser
  • The pairing of rubber and graphite occurs during molding, forming a single body
  • It is non-toxic and safe for children
  • Tip can be sharpened, and the graphite is erasable
  • Black cardboard packaging with colored O-rings, colored with natural ingredients
  • 7 3/4L x 3/8 diameter
  • Handmade in Italy 

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